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MGIMO honorary doctors

The list of MGIMO-University Honorary Doctors includes numerous prominent state, political and civil society leaders, diplomatic figures, scientists and academicians who work in the domain of international relations and foreign policy. Among them:

  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — Prime Minister of Turkey;
  • Irina Bokova — UNESCO Director-General;
  • Vinton Cerf — Google vice-president and one of «the fathers of Internet»;
  • Shimon Peres — President of the State of Israel;
  • Ban Ki-moon — Secretary-General of the United Nations;
  • Mahmoud Abbas — President of the Palestinian National Authority and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation;
  • Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria — President of Chile;
  • Thierry de Montbrial — Director-General of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI);
  • Louise Arbour — UN High Commissioner for Human Rights;
  • Boutros Boutros-Ghali — Secretary-General of the United Nations;
  • George Soros — American financier and philanthropist;

and a lot of other outstanding political, economic, scientific and cultural leaders.