Montenegro. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the name of this small Mediterranean country?

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Montenegro. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the name of this small Mediterranean country?

For most of the people it is the sun and the sea. Beautiful Montenegrin beaches are world known, sand, sun, parties and of course, blue Adriatic Sea - neither the northern sea nor the southern, tropic one, something in between. Once you swim in it you are charmed forever, and you keep coming back. But not everybody likes sun and sunbathing, some of us are looking for an adventure. And for those who are in search for one Montenegro is perfect spot. More precisely Canyon of river Tara is. This canyon is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in world (after Colorado one).

Now you must be imagining yellow, dry, fuzzy and muddy landscape, right? But guess what, you are wrong! You should be imaging emerald green, wild, mountain river of Tara whose water is that clean that it is drinkable throughout the whole river flow. The Canyon is 149 kilo-meters long, with the depth that reaches 1300 meters. It is the deepest and sharpest Canyon in Europe, with the bright green colour and hardwood vegetation with dark green conifers and with the river of stunning colours, sometimes turquoise sometimes green, through it.

The Canyon is still not researched completely and represents a big mystery. For now there are 80 registered caves, but they are not investigated enough. There are also indigenous plant and animal species. The special type of black pine whose bark reminds on jigsaw-lego-puzzle and whose height is 50 meteres dominates the cliffs of the Canyon. Honestly, doesn’t this information wake a researcher in your soul? In 1980, as part of the National Park "Durmitor", it was declared "World Heritage natural properties of UNESCO".

To enjoy this beauty people go on rafting down to the river. Usually the trips start in town of Zabljak, under the magnificent bridge Djurdjevica Tara.  It is the 172 meters high and if you look down from the bridge into abyss, the river looks like a tiny emerald green line inside the huge forest. Rafting is done through 90% of river and with the first stroke of your oar on the boat, and with the first kilometre, you will experience something new, unusual and will be amazed by this wonder of nature around you. As the rafting continues there is an opportunity to see unreal scenes of beauty, to feel adrenalin shocks when passing throughout the “foamy and boiling rapids” and cold waterfalls. The river then will take you to the narrowest pass in the canyon called after a young man Lazo who is supposed to be the one who jumped from a rock into the abyss for a bet.  And when you think that it can’t get better you get to the Sige Bajlovica, which will make you speechless and blinded by the graciousness of thousand caves that, in their century long symbiosis, have become covered with ancient moss, making a scene of unreal and unique beauty. You will leave it with a lifetime impression that in that moment you were living in some other time, on some other planet.

If you by any chance step out to the ground from those boats, you will be impressed with the nature surrounding you. You will realise that is more beautiful than I can describe and that you can imagine. You will face a God given place, a miniature paradise on Earth, which was made for enjoyment of all senses. On the end this astounding river arrives to Scepan Polje and ancient ruins of Scepan town where, with the river Piva, it gives birth to Drina River.

If you want to step into the unknown, into the wild, where prehistoric rules and rules of survival are obeyed, wouldn’t that be a great Indiana Jones adventure, right there in Montenegro?

Nataša Pavićević